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Why Patron Real Estate

why-usProfessional real estate agencies are irreplaceable in buying, selling, renting or leasing real estate. It is well known agency in this market area, knows all its subtleties. Real estate agencies aware of not only the real estate market (which follows its common price, the apartments and in what area of ​​the most popular and most practical), but together they are aware of the legal and real estate formalization side. Advice and assistance in real estate documents, help you avoid potential fraud and uncertainties which could lead to significant financial losses.

Save your time entrusting the real estate agency to help you buy, sell, rent or lease of real estate.

Why would I want to entrust to sell your real estate real estate agency?

  1. Time saving.
  2. Helps to determine the actual selling price.
  3. Better presents your property.
  4. Buyers tenants search for your real estate.
  5. The Agency shall cooperate with each other and with other agencies.
  6. The Agency has a database of buyers who are looking for a specific afford housing.
  7. The Agency shall endeavor to keep you sold real estate prices, it would be the maximum.
  8. Effective negotiation.
  9. Property files (pre-trade).
  10. The purchase – sale contract design and correct clearance.
  11. Notary offices selection, time alignment, commissioning documents.
  12. Participation to the final transaction and payment..